Large Format Printing

Branding is a concept...

We design and print PVC, Vinyl, canvas, indoor & outdoor Banners printing with our high resolution large format printing (Printer), Banners are widely used as strategic brand recognition tools especially during promotions and introduction of new brands to the market. They serve a great purpose and suit both indoors and outdoors. They are flexible in that they allow for customization of the company message and visual design in order to achieve most effective results as intended


What is the advantage of using banners over other print outs? Well, banner Printing is less expensive as compared to other forms of expensive permanent signs. They are also quite durable, hence can be reused for a long time over and over. So what are you waiting for? Contact us here atA� Mbashi Printers and get yours done. They are a great asset to have especially in exhibitions and events.
We offer a variety of banners usually, three types:
Frontlit (White)
Frontlit (Black back or block out)
Backlit (Panaflex)


Roll ups carry immense impact and may be tailored to call for action and attention. Why use them? They are a highly creative high impact display solution. So where may you utilize them? In modern presentations, point of sale displays, trade show stands, press conferences, exhibition displays stands, corporate meetings and even just outside the business premise. A roll up banner comes with a soft carry bag for easy transportation.

  • Normal roll up banner Stand:A�packs great value into an easy-to-use durable and attractive stand.A�A travel bag is included. Graphic Size: 85cm Width x 200cm Height. Graphic Banner Material:A� Banner, Satin,
  • Broad base roll up banner stand:packs great value into an easy-to-use durable and has a broad based attractive stand which makes it firm.A�A travel bag is included. Graphic Size: 85cm Width x 200cm Height. Graphic Banner Material:A� Banner, Satin
  • Double sided roll up banner stand:A�Is probably the most cost efficient roller retractable banner because graphic are put on both side hence increases your advertising presence. Graphic Size: 85cm Width x 200cm Height (2pcs). A�A travel bag is included. Graphic Banner Material:A� Banner, Satin

Graphics: are digitally printed at 1200 dpi from your supplied artwork. We offer a wide range of medias on many of our custom specified banner stands to produce a tough, rollable, long lasting banner graphic.


We offer high resolution technology using Eco-friendly solvent for vibrant color and detail. Our vinyl stickers are extremely durable in extreme conditions, water resistant which are built to last and will promote your brand in wind, rain, sun and car-wash safe.

This is backed by a strong adhesive which helps your outdoor stickers hold firm. Whether youa��re advertising your brand, promoting your company, political campaigns. Besides that, there are these custom vinyl decals and stickers from our company are guaranteed to be perfect for your needs.