Digital Printing

Printing is an art..

Digital printingA�has taken over lithography by storm and is now widely used. Why? It produces high quality prints, utilizes less manpower and the process simple in that u print directly from the computer and before you know it, it is already printing! The personal computer revolution in printing indeed is here to stay. It is the most flexible and low cost form of printing you could ask for.Mbashi PrintersA�has got you covered for all your digital requirements.Find below some services we offer in digital printing.

Business Cards

Business CardsA�may appear to be clichA� but it is worth noting that they represent your brand to potential customers and are often the first tangible thing about yourself that you give a customer. So do not be left behind, strive to make that first positive impression for an interview or business meeting by making it memorable. They are more than an aid to just hand out your contact information and are therefore a great marketing tool which fits in your wallet.


BrochuresA�are designed with a specific strategy: eye-catching layouts and focused language. They are mainly distributed through direct mail and events, though there are many other ways adopted by business in accordance with their requirements.A�Mbashi PrintersA�offers affordable full color glossy brochure printing & designs services. Custom & Corporate identity templates,A�Bi fold, trifold brochures design and Digital brochure printing. Bi-fold brochures can also work as folders in which you can place inserts depending on the prospective interests: this is ideal for trade shows.


Calendars are an important accessory for organizing your daily life tasks and chores. We make customized, professional looking and printable calendars with a variety of designs to best fit the needs of our clients in a bid to enhance their corporate identity.

Many companies publish them so as to offer them to their customers and associates as a present on every New Year, to reinforce positivity and professional relationship and also, to serve as a reminder for the rest of the year. We print various types of Calendars including Desktop Calendar, Wall calendars, A4, A3, A2 calendars and Planners.


We do print certificates too!
Looking to create a uniqueA�and reliable claim in the form of organization endorsement? Well, look no further, the printing company will solve your brand problem. Certificates are used for a variety of reasons like they serve as an important document to verify a claim or fact. They are mainly used to acknowledge achievement of some sort and also used for positive corroboration.

Fliers/ Catalogs

Fliers/ CatalogsA�are effective and direct marketing tools. They avail an opportunity to escalate the main point is to create interest.
Flyers and catalogs are commonly used to advertise discounted rates or awesome deals to draw your clients in. So how precisely do they manage to do this? They are quite eye catching so as to draw the attention and invite prospects to read about your business.


Staff Identification Cards are becoming a standard for most business owners due to fraudulent crimes taken place over the years.A�Be it for professionalism or security reasons, invest in plastic ID cards for your business today.A�Whether it is a company, gym, golf club, health club or aA� social club, we can incorporate your company logo, passport photo, signatures, barcodes and magnetic stripes into the plastic ID card design.Students Ids come in hand in Identifying students of certain institutions.