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Trial contained a third arm of a combination regimen of sirolimus, 2 mg per day, and full-dose prograf; however, this regimen was associated with increased risk of wound healing complications, renal function impairment, and insulin-dependent post-transplant diabetes mellitus, and is not recommended see warnings and precautions .

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I have encountered one other person, a veteran that is taking prograf that i have witnessed what i am identifying as ieb.

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The time when a meal is consumed also affected prograf bioavailability.

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Generic for prograf can cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting loss of appetite, insomnia, diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain, and mild rash.

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While you are taking prograf, you should avoid being exposed to direct sunlight or any artificial uv rays like tanning beds and sunlamps.

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dosage adjusted according to clinical response and observed tacrolimus whole-blood trough concentrations trough level, prograf with azathioprine months 1-3 7-20 ng ml trough level, prograf with azathioprine months 4-12 5-15 ng ml trough level, prograf with mmf il-2 receptor antagonist months 1-12 4-11 ng ml trough level, astragraf xl with basiliximab induction days 1-60 5-17 ng ml trough level, astragraf xl with basiliximab induction months 3-12 4-12 ng ml trough level, astragraf xl without induction days 1-60 6-20 ng ml trough level, astragraf xl without induction months 3-12 6-14 ng ml monitor serum potassium.

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